24 Hours at Lake Chelan

Chelan Vines

Sometimes all one needs in order to be refreshed and reinvigorated is to surround oneself in the beauty of nature for a few hours. That was the experience I had with my friend and writing partner Sarah last weekend. Sent as media to experience Lake Chelan’s Red Wine & Chocolate events, we set out on Saturday morning for a weekend away from the city. Driving across the Cascade mountains, we caught up on each others’ lives and reconnected. We talked about the future, our families, and about the writing life. We dreamed big.

After crossing Snoqualmie and Blewett passes and driving up US-97, we crested the hill leading to Lake Chelan and gasped as we took in the snow-covered landscape. A mere 24 hours or so in such beauty was all it took to rejuvenate our writing lives and send us home with renewed inspiration and creativity.

I’ll get back to the Scandinavian recipes in a day or two. I promise. But in the meantime I wanted to share a taste of my past weekend with you here at Outside Oslo. If you want to hear more about it, you can read my article at The Flying Salmon, my Pacific Northwest travel blog over at Wanderlust & Lipstick.

Lake Chelan

Chelan Landscape

Chelan Vine Collage

Full disclosure: Being sent as press to Lake Chelan because of the travel writing I do elsewhere, my meals and lodging were covered. However, I made no promises regarding coverage, and I’m only sharing my experience with you here at Outside Oslo out of pure desire.

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