Norwegian Success Tart (Suksessterte)

Success Tart - DSC_2767

I started something new this year: a Scandinavian food newsletter featuring recipes and inspiration that you won’t necessarily find on my blog or anywhere else. The last edition went out a few weeks ago, and I’m still thinking about this cake, Norwegian Success Tart (Suksessterte). It seems a shame to have you miss out on it if you weren’t signed up for the newsletter in time, so today I’m sharing some outtakes from my photo shoot along with a link to the archived newsletter where you can find the recipe.

Norwegian success tart, also known as success cake, is one of those desserts that catch you by surprise if you haven’t tasted it before. The bright yellow custard hints at a lemon flavor, but what you get instead is a rich almond cake topped with luscious buttery cream and a garnish of chocolate (typically you’d use less than I did on this particular cake, but I couldn’t help myself with those delicate little wisps of chocolate).

Here’s where you can find the recipe and read the rest of the newsletter. And of course if you’re not already following along, I hope you’ll join. I’m planning to send out a newsletter roughly once a month. Click here to sign up!

Success Tart Diptych

Success Tart

Success Tart - DSC_2797


  • Patty

    Hi Daytona –
    I just came across this recipe on your blog. It looks delicious! Where does the bright yellow color come from? Are you using farm fresh eggs?

    Thanks so much for your blog. I love that these familiar recipes are making a comeback. Reading the heartfelt stories that always make me smile.

    Mange Takk 🙂

  • Jofrid Haugen

    I have made this cake so many times,it says in the recipe for the yellow filling that it must not come to a boil,but I have found that if it doesn’t it will not thicken. It is important that you stur the entire time.when I say come to a boil it is only for a few seconds. I also make it with out the choklate,just make the cake and put the yellows cream on the top when it is cold and is thickened enough.Hope I have been to help..

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